Saturday, January 3, 2009

Now I'm understand how my bike with 3 locks had been stolen (locksmith mesa)

Locksmith Mesa

Lesson from Locksmith Mesa : Yeah! My bike had been stolen. Even with 3 locks. Unfortunately, I had enjoyed my time with the bike just only 3 days! =( How bad luck I'm or how bad the thief?

After I found this video, I really understand how my bike can be stole. Before that, I thought that was an impossible. With 3 locks, in my house, the bike had been stolen! Arrgh! You're su*x man!

Another great story was my friend's bike also had been stolen. Haha. But, I think that was his mistake. He buy a pack of Dunhill at 7 Eleven leaving his bike without turn off engine and also a free gift key. How stupid my friend! Congratulation! Haha. I hope Locksmith Mesa's reader don't try this at home. Cigarette kills. =)

Locksmith Mesa

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